Portal Milling Machines

The model ROLLER is a high speed working center with fixed portal and mobile table solution characterized by a head with continuous axis of positioning and from a rotary table as continuous working axis. The planning with the aid of the system FEM has allowed to optimize the calculation to finished elements making the particularly rigid structures of this model with the total elimination of the vibrations in phase of milling.


Machine Specifications



Corse Travels

Longitudinal - X  mm   1600
Vertical - Y  mm   800
Cross - Z  mm   1650


Rapids mm / 1'   0 ÷ 30000
Acceleration mm/sec2   max 10000

Head Rotation

Head Rotation A   ± 110°

Workpiece Table

Size mm   1720 x 850
T-Slot Size mm   14
Maximum Load Kg   1500

Rotary Table

Diamater mm   900
Positioning NC Axis     C
Maximum Load Kg   1000

Spindel Power

Spindel Power KW   21 • 30

Tool Changer

Without changing arm Tools   42


Weight kg   13000