aerospace and mechanics projects

By studying the specific needs of our customers, Belotti is able to realize customized solutions which perfectly represent the experience and the customer-oriented attitude of the company. With concepts tailored to the High-Tech industries, Belotti responds to the main challenge of these unique sectors: increased productivity and competitiveness while reducing costs.


Machine Specifications


Machining of ARIANE-5 gasket of engine segments with 3.500 mm diameter x 13.000 mm length.

The system adapts the milling to the actual workpiece deformation within +/- 0,1 mm tolerance.


Combination machining centre which performs turning and 5-axis milling of large sized components of 4.000 mm diameter x 20.000 mm lenght, with weight up to 80.000 Kg.

This particular machining centre performs carbon-fiber and aluminium milling and turning of VEGA launch vehicle segments.


Combination machining centre which performs 5-axis milling and turning of composites and titanium ASTER engine components.